Writing Matters Publishing offers full publishing services i.e., editing, design, layout, legals (ISBN, Nielsens etc) and specialises in Print On Demand (POD) global distribution via Amazon paperback in 12 countries.

We have developed a proven process for taking your ideas through to a published book on Kindle and paperback on Amazon. Importantly, an author can print short-run copies of 100 plus books. This is refreshing because most people assume publishing a book is beyond their budget!

Concept to Final Draft
We give very clear guidance on your book concept and writing plan; professional writing tips and critiquing; and we carefully supervise your first draft, edit and final draft.

Editing to Design and Layout
We provide proofing, editing, cover design and interior book design and layout.

We can make your book available on Kindle (and other electronic platforms) which means your e-book can be available as a pre-launch edition.

ISBN, Print and Legals
We handle the ISBN registration and bar code; and your Nielsen’s annual listing in buyers catalogues worldwide; and advise you on your obligations re National Libraries. We supply your a printed proof copy and then coordinate a short-run print on demand (POD for perfect bind paperback; and hardback (with dust jacket) – available in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. We can also generate a Kindle version of your book.

Amazon and Marketing
We list your book on Amazon (and affiliates) and can advise you on your book launch, social media, PR and distribution.

What is POD?
Print On Demand (POD) means when someone goes to Amazon and buys a book – usually one copy – it is immediately fulfilled via our printing company, worldwide.

Unlike traditional publishers, we do not print and ship thousands of copies to Amazon’s  warehouse.

The two major advantages to you as an author are

  1. Costs – Cost-wise POD now makes it possible to be a published author without the difficulties or costs of obtaining a traditional book deal
  2. Flexibility – You have unparalleled ability to update the cover or interior at anytime

Traditional publishing gives you some distribution and promotional benefits but they print in bulk. And there is still NO guarantee your book will fly off the shelves.

In our experience, our authors can achieve a #1 best selling ranking and enjoy the flexibility of POD, worldwide.

Contact Andrew at info@writingmatterspublishing